Wednesday, June 6th marked the official opening of the main conference for IRCE 2018 — and the keynote speakers certainly got things off to an exciting start. (Bleary-eyed and tired as many attendees, ourselves included, may have been.) David Gilboa, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, started things off by sharing the story of his enigmatic eyewear startup.

One message that we found especially poignant? The line between brick and mortar stores and e-commerce will blur and eventually go away. Warby Parker uses a number of tech solutions to integrate online and in-person shopping experiences. For example, they allow customers to add items to their online “favorites” while visiting the stores in person, which empowers customers to try glasses on without feeling hurried or pressured to make a purchase on the spot.

The second keynote speaker on Wednesday morning was Seth Godin — who, apart from being a serial entrepreneur with an incredibly impressive resume, is also quite the writer. As a content marketing company, we at Content Cucumber are inspired by the likes of someone who has written eighteen best sellers!

Insightful, concise, and just a tad zany, Godin’s speech devoted a bit of time to “permission marketing,” a concept that Seth first developed in the 90’s, and that seems particularly relevant today. “GDPR doesn’t matter,” said Godin, “ask yourselves instead, ‘who would miss me if I stopped emailing them?’” The most successful brands build relationships with their customers, which makes marketing feel less like spam and more like a conversation.

The title of this article, “scarcity is over,” is another Godin quote, and is one of the most important messages for any internet retailer to understand. In the online world, customers have access to nearly every competitor on the planet, so if you try to market yourself based on price, (or even on quality) you will lose. To succeed in a world with a million options, you need to be undeniably unique in your service and in your message. Crafting a brand story that connects with your audience is the only path to true loyalty and sustainable success. In the words of Godin, “how are you speaking to the humanity of your customers?” SHARESHARE ON FACEBOOK

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